Thursday, September 25, 2008

Three Lovers in a Forest (Revised and Extended)

Thank you for submitting "Three Lovers" to us. The Edge of the World specializes in publishing apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic poetry. Occasionally, we run drama and prose. If you can rework "Three Lovers" into a poem, The Edge of the World would consider placing it in our Oceanus section.

Three Lovers in a Forest
"We'll never pass the Caucasus."
"We'll never make the river."
"We're mired in the forest."
"We'll grow tall to reach the sun, heliotropes, and paint our faces with crushed red currants so we resemble flowers rather than women."

(They begin to fight about more quickly crossing the Caucasus.)

"It's the Land of Nod, if we wander here forever."
"Look at the bruisepink sky."
"Soon the sun will set."
I'm sorry. This still doesn't read as a poem.

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