Thursday, November 5, 2009

Law and Mr. Ricken

Mr. Ricken said to chicken you rubber-bodied goose pap, you could try once to jump fly run to see where it leads you, dunno ello the waves jumped high on our riff-raft. Water spelled over until cco the dde went under. Until mme and you we he said he, hey, Mr. Ricken, you want to jump along the way with us, you want to jump along the way. Ricken was a deep man his throat went down real far, then his gorge split three ways: one, down the esophagus; two, a trachea; and, three, a pipe down the folk band clapping singing crying for a second in between, oh jesus, oh jesus, baby jesus shrinking in the waves. Salt is not good for a warm-blooded man dde ccep loz. We drank the water, and it poisoned our ass. We saw no sun pushing into the window, not the light of the sun but the sun itself, colorless light if light had form without substance, the inverse of Ricken, the inverse of Ricken's deep gorge throat was the sun blooming from the darkness of a dream-filled night. Fish go here. More chants to jesus and a long pause, nothing being said, thought, looked at, only the slap slap waves on the rock sand shore. Mr. Ricken is a free man he lives without the law. His law is the law is gone. His wife had a daughter named Laura and for short her called her "Law." Law Ricken was a good girl and cute in every way. Her skin was whitish pink and a soft fine texture with eyes the color of green apples. She wore her hair in a ponytail and almost never spoke. She would say things like, "Please pass the pea pods," or, "Could you quit hocking my space," but other than that she was quiet and humble, not proud but strong in her bones and blood. Law Ricken didn't go to school. She stayed at home and was a free girl like her father was a free deep man. Law fell in love with Mr. Ricken ell may and he didn't love her right away. It took a year long time and Law was hungry. She drew pictures in her notebook and wrote "honger" on top of each one. Mr. Ricken was a stern man, firm but soft and loving, it took him a long time to take her in his arms. It hurt Mr. Ricken that Law had fallen in love with him. He said her love was like a siren's and even a free man with no law feared the drowning death. But Law didn't want to kill him, she wanted to make him immortal. Where was the mother of Law and wife of Mr. Ricken? She left and married a schoolmaster, a small but intense man who had a quickness in his eye that made some look away. But once Mrs. Ricken said Law should be free not churning rote phrases in a locked-in room. Not churning phrases in a chig chig romper rrun room nowhere learning to talk with the language. Law was tall once she shot up real fast, not full grown in a day but by the time she was 10 or 12 she was five foot ten, a giant girl but thin and supple so she seemed one two one with the air, not fighting resistance slicing herself in, coughing every now and then but otherwise chuckle laugh the stills smiling willing her arms above her head grabbing hher wrists with one big paw pushing her down against the bed with his weight heavy tree from the ground lifts his three-spout gorge pushing and gripping her long arms spreads her legs let him willing even the law was none is above the law there is none daddy Mr. Ricken pushing into her juicy tight wares sometime coming but other times licking her plump cunt until he feels her squirt out of her hole, not piss but juice and salty. She was a tasty slice of pie, moaning in his big warm hands. There was a chance he wasn't Law's father and the old Mrs. Ricken had Law by another man, since maybe Law didn't have a daddy at all and Mr. Ricken was a god. They didn't look one thing alike.

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