Saturday, January 16, 2010

Olive and Sea Nathan XIII

"Ya' think we're gettin' out of this sand soon?" Olive asks. "Up aways, if you look from the mountain like I did last night, ya' see there's a stop to the desert, but not what follows from it." "And ya' didn't tell me this when we woke?" "I's didn't wanna get up your hopes." "Not get up my hopes? Woo-wee!" Olive says. "Sure 'nough did see some palm trees from the mountain though." He laughs heartily. "Let's us believe you weren't seein' things 'gain." Olive says. "I told you not -- " Sea Nathan stops himself. "Yes, let's not believe," he says. "that, when we get past the shrubs, it'll be a veritable wonderland." "Now you's makin' fun o' me. I can tell," says Olive. "I ain't pokin' fun at ya'. I'm just speakin' the truth in a nasty way, 'tending it'll be one way when it'll be another." "I never knows with you," Olive says. "I just never knows."

Copyright, 2010, Jennifer Chesler, All Rights Reserved

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