Thursday, March 25, 2010

Death Match Interlude

'Drogen 'nide for the roaches. Laughter. Musta breathed in deep. Ha ha ha. Thought he was gonna get death off 'im, he gets the 'itter 'mond smell 'stead. Baines, these shower shows, balls, I tell ya', shoulda seen Emond Strauss for coffin shoes. Coughing. 'Drogen 'nide. Laughter. Rolling, I'm rolling. Musta had the wrong name.

You're fucked in the head.

In the head, fucked, hahaha. Baines, the head.


You fucking scumbag. Fighting. I'm going to kill you.

Lay off, lay off. You're going to kill me.

You'll wish you were dead.

Baines punches Boris who crashes against a cart of blood-filled vials. The tubes smash against the floor, the blood spraying a red fan into the air and onto the wall of the hospital. Boris lashes back at Baines, but Baines ducks.

I don't wish I was dead yet.

Baines slashes Boris' face with a jagged vial. He wipes the blood from his eyes with his shirtsleeve and blindly staggers away from Baines. Baines pulls Boris towards him and slices across his neck with the broken glass. Blood gurgles from his throat.

Bai --

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