Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Books at Barnes & Noble

Now all three books by us are listed at Barnes & Noble. Here are the links. The first is by McLean, the others collaborative.

Poems for Jennifer

Anterior Suicide & Other Tragicomedies

The Philosophy of Extremism

These books all fall under the category of extremism while at the same time they tackle odd curiosities, such as fathers teaching incompetent sons to masturbate, the romantic powers of a couple of pairs of mommies' crusty panties, a true love story. They range in scope from yeast infections to feces. They incorporate transcripts of authority figures out of control, deplorable spanking daddies and so forth, which we find terribly exciting.

Almost everything in this book is true. Read it & marvel at the mysteries of flug, as well as the traditional lint-swap ceremony at Swedish weddings.

These books will change & improve your life, unless you are already a pervert.