Sunday, April 29, 2018

A modest proposal

Jennifer Chesler & I would like to explain why we fell in love & got married & produced so much literary evil. Basically, neither of us has ever been in love with a person of the opposite gender, though I have never been in love with anybody at all & she has imagined herself in love with a nasty-ass skanky wizened Aztec mummy style scumbag.

We note, atheists both, that she casts fucking hexagrams & nonsense, while I, more rationally, used to freak people out with the Crowley deck, never wanting to know the question but answering correctly. Jennifer also used the Crowley deck, most truthful & most unpleasant of all Tarot decks. So this connection was forced upon us through the workings of the occult. I used to be told that I look a little like Lavey, which is cool since he was enormously cool.

Accordingly, we have decided to renew our vows before Satan, though we shall spend a lot of money on cool robes & ritual stuff first. Jennifer wants vegan sacrifices. Now I don't eat meat, but I really dislike hens. We shall, however, announce the time at a later date. Anybody wanting to off themselves should feel free to do so at the announced time & date, remembering to dedicate the suicide to us & Satan, that would be pretty sweet.

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