Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Another new piece

Another piece from the forthcoming collaborative collection with David McLean.

Tom, client of Eva Mahler

Perhaps Jennifer’s grossest ex was a john called Tom Hertz, a crappy attorney with a tiny cock in Arizona. She was trying to quit whoring at this time, when he contacted her through a work-related “contact ad” & nagged her into working as a whore again for a little more than two years. He had a micropenis of about three inches, & a volume maybe a twentieth of David’s. He couldn’t fuck; he was dreadfully bad in bed. A cock that small is basically a physical handicap, a disability. In addition to his sleazy junkie traits, it rendered him a cripple. He would come after a few feeble thrusts, skinny & weak as he was. Fortunately I felt nothing. It is very comforting to reflect that I now have a real man who can fuck from behind & lift me up on his cock, or with one hand round my cunt.

Jennifer actually wanted to fuck his daughter, a stupid & rather boring girl called Tasha. Having been a junkie, he actually allowed this little moron to do smack between the ages of fourteen & sixteen, so he was scumbag father of the year. He told me that he was never physically abusive to his children, but she told me that he used to spank her in their garden, though she never noticed him getting erect, but nobody ever noticed his cock. Judge A. would drag his little slut into the garage & call her a retard before kicking her. David assures me that Judge A. has at least normal sized genitalia. He behaves perfectly normally.

Oddly, Tom never said anything that showed him to be aware of how laughably small his little cock was. Don’t men with basically no dick ever admit this to themselves?

He showed signs of considerable attraction to men, hanging out at the Y & jacking it in the corner of the changing room. He had in fact fucked men, perhaps men who were worried that actual cocks of normal human dimensions might hurt their asses. He had been a junkie, but failed at that. The person was a sub-literate scumbag, his favorite piece of mine is called “The Narcissist”, but I doubt if he will like it now since the penis penetrated the piece, & the size of his paltry member is incorporated.

He twice got me to quit the medications I actually needed, on both occasions resulting in a suicidal depression. He didn’t care about this, since narcissists are selfish little pussies. He abandoned me in the middle of this depression, which he & he alone had caused, stealing the proceeds of our opium poppy harvest. To be honest, quitting whoring made me very poor, & I liked the access to cash & rent money that this nonsense involved. He was so stupid, that he took me to a Gilbert & Sullivan musical because i was tired of only going out to eat. The audience, obviously, was a solid sea of gray heads, with some blue dye visible. When I mentioned this choice to David, he laughed & told me not to fuck around, nobody is really that retarded. I referred to Peter Griffin – “They still show Battleship in theaters”.

For two years I could not feel sex. He nagged about being allowed to eat me out. It’s ironic that David is ten times smarter, three times longer between the legs, & eats cunt like a god. I don’t like being eaten out. I let David do it because he likes it. Crappy relationships have made me afraid of orgasm & David, a modest man, admits that he can make a corpse cum, so I only let him make me come with his hands. But no way would I let a john eat me out. I never faked orgasms. David can make a woman feel good when she’s withdrawing from medication. He introduced this thing, unknown in Arizona, called an “orgasm” to my sex-life.

Basically, I have never accepted intimacy until I met an equal. Men I had relationships with knew that I was smarter than them & that I was talented. I only fucked relatively stupid people, like this asshole attorney, & they got off on degrading me because they knew that i was better than they were. This was a pattern that started in my childhood, where I was taught low self-esteem. Nobody even told me that I had a clitoris. Men would not put up with me, so i was told, so I had to please them & be submissive. It was interesting to notice that refusing to give David blowjobs to make him happy, actually made him really happy, since he loved me. This is because he has a brain, & now gets unlimited of whatever.

Tom, you are a worthless piece of garbage. You make me sick. I felt like a whore the whole time, though I wasn’t technically working as one. & this is what the moron wanted.

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