Thursday, July 26, 2018

Another Bam-Bam

Another Bam-Bam

Today Daddy was so angry. When I did the last bam-bam I told to you in this diary, he washed the special protective sheet Tammy had before she died. The special sheet was drying so we had to borrow a dog from next door to lick the mattress a little, but the dog got sick, Daddy says it was a shit bull. Anyway, now he flipped the mattress over and got all sweaty. Then he sat me on his lap to yell at me and he was so angry he was really big and the big knob wouldn't go in my little pie, not until he hit me round the head a few times and it felt nice and wet and I slid down his big fat rod. Then he liked it but I almost fell off he was jumping round so much.

Tammy was such a good sister to me and such a good mother to Jennifer, that it pained me when she died from swallowing her dentures during a nice face-fuck. We were able to retrieve the dentures from her lower intestines, but they were so eaten away by stomach acid that they were more yellow than when she had her morning cups of coffee. Yes, it's true. I had wanted her to get up to 800 lbs., but only to save her life. I knew that the only way to get Tammy the weight loss surgery she needed to save her life was to get her on the TV show My 600 lb. Life. Jennifer and I always have fun watching that show, and Tammy would rest her back on a foam cushion to be able to masturbate to each episode. I sure do miss my first wife and sister, but my wife and daughter is way tighter.

Daddy is bored with all the fisting, so today we did footing. He even changed his socks afterwards. He's such a good Daddy. I couldn't remember the fisting, and nor could he, but it happened anyway.

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