Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Daddy's Big Poopy Plunger

Daddy's Big Poopy Plunger

Damn child got at my mature cheese and ate two pounds of the stuff, along with almost a whole loaf of bread. Now I don't mind giving her an enema, I'll slip anything in anywhere on her tight and hot little body. But before I thrashed her with the heavy sex belt I asked her, "Now what were you thinking, child? Does the palsy really make you fucking retarded?"

"I love cheese, Daddy. I hope I'm not in trouble. I know the Vermont aged cheddar is your favorite. Anything but the sex belt, if you have to punish me."

"Well, I'm going to help you, my child. You know Daddy's love wand, in his big pants? That works as a poopy plunger too. It will unclog you straight away."

"No, Dad, no. I don't want my poopy plunged. My back hole is so little and tight and you're such a big man."

Sometimes I think she does it on purpose. I pulled her granny's nightdress up around her waist and the cum was already drooling from the snarling head of my stiff rod. "Don't scream, my sweet little whore, you need this now." I thrust it straight into her. If we needed Dulcolax later, I had no intention of wasting lube. I'm not made of money.

"Oh god, please no. You're so hard and your rod is already crying the white stuff." She starts to cry. Tears stream down her round pink cheeks. She looks like a rouged balloon.

She screamed as I slammed it in. The mixture of tears and a scream of pain did the trick and I shot a huge load about two inches up her shitter. It solved her poopy problem. We hadn't fucked for hours and I was full of the stuff, the brown turds floated out on a sea of white jizz. After she sucked me clean, I told her I loved her, and wiped her mouth after wiping her ass with my cum-stained jocks.

She stopped crying and felt so much better after having her bowels emptied. "Oh, Daddy, you really are the best Daddy in the world. Can we go for a ride in the Silverado?"

I agreed. I had started to get hard again when she sucked the cum and shit from my cock. I would have a nice surprise for her during the drive.

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