Sunday, July 29, 2018

Jesus and His Huge Willy

Jesus and His Huge Willy

Daddy, who's Jesus?

He's a man who was the perfect man.

Did he have a big hard willy like yours then, Daddy?

Yes, Jennifer, it was fucking huge. The veins along the side of his throbbing cock were as thick as your fingers. Maybe as thick as Daddy's thumbs. When he came there was so much white stuff that little sluts would drown.

Did he take away our sins, Daddy?

Yes, he sucked us off and swallowed all our thick creamy sins. Always think "What would Jesus do?", Jennifer. Because that old queer would suck on any cock he saw, take it right down his throat and swallow the sins of man. When he used to gargle with his Daddy's cum, then that's how rainbows and angels were born. If you don't suck Daddy good, then Jesus rapes and kills a kitten.

No, Daddy, really?

Have I ever lied to you?

Well ...

Shut your mouth, you little whore. Don't you judge me! Don't you fucking judge me.

No, Dad! Not the poopy pie hole! No!!

Take off your pants, and get on all fours.

[crying] Why are you being so mean, Daddy?

[pulls cock through zipper of pants, pulls Jennifer's pants down, rubs some petroleum jelly on his cock]

Ow, Daddy, Ow.

See if Jesus helps you now. What would Jesus do?

[David grins and pulls his dick out of Jennifer's ass. Jennifer assumes a crucified posture, drops to her knees, and opens her mouth as wide as possible. A mixture of shit and semen fall from his cock down her throat. She turns her head to the side, spits it out]

Daddy, that was gross.

[He slaps her hard across the face]

[Crying] Why did you do that to me, Daddy?

You're sleeping in your own bed tonight. A good Christian never spits out anything that comes from a cock. OK, you can sleep with me but keep your bottom lubed out nicely.

[smiling bravely] OK, Daddy.

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